Do Your Know Your Locksmith History?

First came the door. Then came the lock for the door. Naturally, the locksmith as a profession was soon to follow. In fact, the first locksmiths in history were also the same lock makers. Back then there wasn’t the need for emergency locksmiths like there are now. Nobody got locked out of their horse carriage like they get locked out of their car. Those first locks were used on things like trunks, cabinets and other items where precious items were kept. The locksmith was also the first to make sure jails were secure. In many ways, you can trace the professional locksmiths in Athens back in history to those first locksmiths. They are both serving the immediate community and know all there is to know about locks.

A Smart Smith

A person who is a “smith” is someone who knows how to work with any kind of metal. Blacksmiths who fashioned horseshoes and swordsmiths who pounded steel into weapons were around long before the locksmith. The first smiths who worked with locks designed all the cogs, tumblers and keys that were part of each lock. This was not a mass produced item but something that could be considered a delicate handcraft. The village locksmith had keys to every home and building in the area and they were the only ones to go to for a replacement lock. Not a bad business if you’re the only one working in the area. Today, there are many reputable residential locksmiths in Athens for you to call upon in an emergency or for a general service appointment.

The certified locksmiths in Athens can either work out of a storefront or kiosk like their ancient brethren or that can be strictly mobile. The modern locksmith will carry everything that need in their service van. That includes a duplicate key maker and dozens of replacement lock brands.

A Modern Locksmith

Compared to today, those original locksmiths were not working with complicated locks. Sure, there was the occasional call for extra security which meant a more intricate lock but they were all still just tumblers. The original designs are still used today but the modern locksmith needs to know a lot more. The locksmiths in Athens have the knowledge to gain access to car locks, keyless entries and remote locks. Often these service technicians will be trained by the lock manufacturer themselves. They’ll then be awarded a special certification. These are the kind of locksmiths in Athens you should be working with! Next time you call on a locksmith, take a moment to think about those village locksmiths of old. It’s been a long history of locks!