How To Be Prepared For Roadside Emergencies

There is an old saying that goes, “Better to have and not need then to need and not have.” That applies to food for a dinner party and for emergencies. On the automotive side of things, there is no telling what kind of emergency could crop up when you hit the road. A flat tire on a lonely stretch of highway. A fender bender in a rainstorm. Running out of gas. Getting locked out of your car. Those kinds of roadside emergencies are happening every hour of every day. Are you prepared? In addition to having an Athens locksmith phone number programmed into your sell phone you should consider having the following items in your car… just in case of an emergency:

  • Flares and/or Reflective Flags: You should have a least six fresh roadside flares in your car at all times. These will be extremely important if your car breaks down in the middle of the road or anywhere in the dark. Although many flares are self-starters you should also keep a lighter in the glove box just in case. Reflective flags also work to signal oncoming drivers of your situation.


  • First Aid Kit: Every car should have a first aid kit not just for roadside emergencies but for any kind of accident. Taking a kid or dog to the park could mean the occasional tumble and scrapped knee. Inside your kit should be band-aids, wipes, cold compresses and aspirin.


  • Emergency Blanket: These can either be old blankets from your home or the “foil” type of emergency blankets that fold into a nice little package. If your car is stranded because of a dead battery or other motor issue, you’ll want to keep warm while you wait for help.


  • Flashlight: Do you know where your home flashlight is kept? Hopefully, you can find it in a power outage. For your car you should also have a flashlight that can be used to signal other cars or inspect your own vehicle during the dark of night.


  • Tool Kit: Along with the standard items like socket wrenches, screwdrivers and a hammer you should think about having a small shovel. This can come in handy if your car ever gets stuck in the mud or snow.


  • Water: This is another “just in case” item that can be included in your emergency car kit. We can go for several days without food but we need water at least every 12 hours or there could be serious organ damage. Even an hour or two without water will have you feeling out of sorts especially in extreme weather conditions.

All of these items can probably fit in a decent size cooler and not take up much space in your car. As mentioned above, the one item you don’t need to pack but have programmed into your cell is a number for a Athens locksmith. If you find yourself locked out of your car or missing your keys you’ll want to depend on a reliable car locksmith in Athens who can respond to your location quickly. We’re talking about peace of mind and that can come with the right equipment and emergency locksmith in Athens phone number.