Locksmith Home Security Tips

Once you are in your home and your doors are locked you should feel safe. However, what happens when you leave your home? Are you doing all you can to keep your property protected? The following are some helpful home security tips you can put into action today to have a secure home.

1)      Secure Locks

The first line of defense for your home will be the locks on your doors and windows. Don’t think that just because your current locks will keep you out that they’ll keep out a savvy burglar, too. The older the locks are the greater the chance that they can begin to fail. If you’re finding that your keys are sticking it might be time to replace them with the help of a certified residential locksmith in Athens.

2)      Don’t Hide Keys

You might think you’re being clever by hiding your key somewhere around your front door but to a burglar there is no such thing as a clever hiding place. Whether your hiding that spare under the mat, above the doorframe or in a potted plant if the key is easy for you to retrieve then it will be easy for the burglar to find. The best place for a spare key is with a trusted neighbor. In the worst case scenario where your lock your keys indoors and your neighbor isn’t home it’s better to call an emergency locksmith in Athens then run the risk of having a key available for a thief.

3)      Keep Your Home Looking Occupied

If you are going away for an extended trip you want to make sure you stop your mail and newspapers. You should also put a few indoor lights on a timer. Basically, you want to make it seem from anyone looking in from the outside that someone is always home.

4)      Be Careful With Throwing Out Big Boxes

If you get a new computer or flat screen TV try to tear up the box to throw it out. If you put out a big empty box on the curb you’re just presenting an advertisement that you’ve got some new gadgets in the home.

5)      Get Replacement Locks

If someone has moved out of your home, you should hire a residential locksmith in Athens to replace the locks. Even if you are still on good terms with your former roommate there is no telling where your keys might end up.

Having a reliable Athens locksmith as part of your service professionals phone numbers will provide extra peace of mind for any type of lock out or replacement issue. Taking care of locks is  not something to want to leave to the amateurs.